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Why Study Masterclasses enriched with Islam?

At some point in our lives we have all fell into a spiritual rut. Demands of the modern age are ever increasing along with lifestyle expectations and social pressures. As anti-Islamic rhetoric is on the rise, is is more crucial now than ever to strength our spiritual states, remain focused and ground ourselves in spiritual practises which Allah has bestowed upon us. Darul Arqam Masterclasses and Workshops are developed with a focus on strengthening you from within, to be able to cope with the pressures of modern life.

  • Poster for Sisters Beginners Tajweed
  • Poster for Sisters Advanced Tajweed
  • Poster for Aphorisms of Ibn Ala'Illah Al Hikam
  • Poster for Qur'anic Sciences
  • Poster of Mosque Advertising Spiritual Transformation Tazkiyah
  • Winter Hike for Syria

    Walk in the Footsteps of a Refugee


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  • Poster for Darul Arqam's Got Talent

    Date: Saturday 28th January 2023

    All Ages Welcome

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  • Enjoy tea over meaningful conversations in the like-minded company! For ladies over 55.
    Thursday 15th September 2022
    Free Event!!

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  • This Holistic Islamic Studies Diploma

    Date: 30th October 2022

    £25 per month

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  • Thursday Dhikr - Shimmering Lights

    Praises of Allah & The Prophet – Shimmering Lights Dhikr

    Date: Every Thursday Evening


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  • Poster for Dawah - The Caller to Allah
  • Ghazalian Gems

    Navigating Faith in Our Times

    Date: 19th May


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  • Poster for Resuscitate The Soul - The Beginning of Guidance
  • Islamic Classical Arabic
  • Unlimited Course Subscription
  • Prophetic Light Habib Kadhim
  • A safe space for sisters to socialise and focus hearts on the Divine

    Date: Fri 17th February 2023

    Free Event!!

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