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Why the 6 Sciences of the Diploma of Islamic Studies are essential to Muslims in Britain

The Prophet (upon whom be peace) said “if Allah desires goodness for a person he bestows him with an understanding of Islam.”

In our precarious times in which various perversions of our faith are represented as our faith we need to be in a position to understand profoundly what is our religion and how we interact with it in our confusing postmodern age.

Ultimately our faith returns humans to an equilibrium in all aspects of their lives: communal, social, spiritual and other aspects. This is represented by the term ‘Fitrah’ (humane-natural disposition) which we all share as humans. How can we connect to this ‘Fitrah’ in our age? In answer to this we enter into our faith through the same method as how the faith began with the call to ‘Read’  (Surah Iqra : 1).

The six sciences which we study represent our religion as espoused by our towering Imams-Scholars and demonstrate the eternal relevance of our timeless tradition. By studying these six Sacred Sciences you will not only clearly understand your faith, removing confusions and cultural distortions, but you will also inculcate solace and equilibrium.

Strengthen your faith and feel the presence of Allah in your everyday lives through the science of Spirituality and self-help. Learn and feel the power of the miraculous Quran as we delve into the Sciences of the Quran and discover its messages and unique literary style. Marvel at the sophistication of the Muslim Theologians such as al-Ghazali and al-Razi (may Allah be pleased with them) laying the foundations of the Kalam-Cosmological Argument which is even employed today by Christian Theologians. Discover the unparalleled Tolerance of Islam.  Who will attain Paradise? Will Non-Muslims? These questions and others are all touched upon.

Feel the immensity of the mission of the Prophet (peace be upon him) and the woes and fortunes, the tribulations and jubilations, the raptures and successes of his life.  Feel and share with the Prophet (peace be upon him) the aggression, the oppression, the violence, the savagery of the times and the personal woes, trauma and estrangement of the Prophet and finally: the Promised Victory.

Place yourself under tutelage of the Prophet and learn not only the facts but, more importantly, how you can transform your life from the mirror of the Prophet (peace be upon him).

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