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Date: Fri 21st July 2023 – Sun 23rd July 2023

Location: Leicester , Darul Arqam Masjid, 16 Thurmaston Lane,LE5 0TE
Leciester Outdoor Pursuits Center

Price: Children 9-16 £80, Children 7-8 £65

Price does not include transport to the Outdoor Pursuit Centre.

Tutors: Shaykh Zaqir and Guest Speakers

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Embark on a Faith-Filled Adventure: Rise Up on our Weekend Youth Retreat! 🌟

What’s included:
• 2 Night stay in the Masjid as Nafl Itikaaf
• Thrilling activities such as Air Rifle Shooting, Climbing, Abseiling, Bushcraft and Archery
• All meals provided
• Interactive classes and Q&A
• Educational Games
• Dhikr and Inshaad
• Company of Teachers and Mentors
• Activities in Nature and Outdoors
• Prayers in the Masjid

Embark on a Faith-Filled Adventure: Rise Up on our Weekend Youth Retreat! 🌟

Young believers are in for an extraordinary experience that combines exhilarating outdoor activities with deep spiritual growth! A faith-based weekend youth retreat that will ignite faith, strengthen character, and empower our youth to conquer life’s challenges with unwavering courage.

🌄 Embrace Nature and the great outdoors: As they explore the natural surroundings, they will witness the wonders of Allahs creation, renew their sense of wonder, and appreciate the beauty of His creation.

🎯 Strengthen their Faith: . Through small group sessions, our youth will develop a strong foundation of faith, enabling them to face life’s challenges with confidence and conviction. Heartfelt duscussions and teaching led by inspiring spiritual leaders and mentors and uplifying nasheeds and dhikr under the moonlight will ignite our youth to form a deeper love and connection with their faith.

🕌Experience the Blessings of Itikaf: our youth will spend 2 nights in the sacred walls of the masjid enveloped in an atmosphere of tranquility and spirituality. They will experience their five daily salah in the masjid, in an atmosphere of unity, support and devotion. This will deepen their connection with Allah and rejuvenate their soul!

💥 Thrilling activities: such as climbing, abseiling and bushcraft. Our youth will experience the exhilaration of conquering physical obstacles while learning powerful lessons about trust, perseverance, and relying on Allah. These heart-pounding adventures will serve as powerful metaphors for life’s challenges, teaching them to step out of their comfort zone and trust in Allahs guidance, whilst forming a love for Islam.

🏹 Sharpen their Focus with Archery and Shooting Practice: they will experience the Sunnah Art of archery and Air rifle which will teach them to focus their mind, body, and spirit towards a common goal. As they aim for the target they will gain insights into discipline and patience, lessons that they will carry through life.

🌟 Forge Lifelong Friendships: True friendship is a priceless gift on the faith journey. They will connect with fellow believers who share their values, aspirations, and love for Allah. Together, they will learn, share meals, encourage and support one another, engage in team building activities, meaningful converstaions,and uplifting worship. These memories will strengthen their Islamic Identity and bond with Allah, and form deep lifelong friendships.

Don’t miss this opportunity to embark on a faith-based weekend youth retreat where they will take part in thrilling activities, conquer challenges, be surrounded in natural beauty, spend time in the Sacred Masjid and deepen their relationship with Allah.

Together, let’s Rise Up and walk the path of purpose that Allah has ordained for us!

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