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Living in a culture void of spirituality, we all need to to reconnect with Allah and boost our Iman! Near or far, Darul Arqam provides regular opportunities across the UK and internationally to zone out everything except your connection with Allah!

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The contemplative believer who remembers God will begin to enjoy the solitude and places of seclusion where voices and movements are hushed. There he will find strength of heart and will, and he will no longer be worried or depressed. Then he will begin to taste the sweetness of worship, of which he cannot have enough. In it, he will find abundance of pleasure and comfort - more than what he used to find in diversion and play, or in the satisfaction of worldly desires. When he experiences this state, many of the worldly concerns will disappear, as he is in a completely different world from the rest of humanity.

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5 Ways Al Quba Community Centre Nottingham

5 Ways –  Al Quba Nottingham

Darul Uloom Imam Malik Leicester

Darul Uloom Al-Imam Malik Leicester

UKIM - Masjid Khadijah

UKIM – Masjid Khadijah Peterborough

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Over 10 years of Spiritual Retreats

Visit Bosnia - Next Upcoming Spiritual Tour

8th March 2022 – 13th March 2022

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