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  • Enjoy tea over meaningful conversations in the like-minded company! For ladies over 55.
    Thursday 15th September 2022
    Free Event!!

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  • Are you new to Islam or interested in Islam?

    Date: Sat 14th May


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  • This Holistic Islamic Studies Diploma

    Date: 17th September 2022

    £25 per month

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  • Tahajjud Dhikr

    Sisters daily online Dhikr

    Date: Daily at Tahajjud


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  • Dhikr of the 7 Souls

    Spirituality in your weekend – Dhikr of the 7 Souls

    Date: Every Saurday Evening


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  • Thursday Dhikr - Shimmering Lights

    Praises of Allah & The Prophet – Shimmering Lights Dhikr

    Date: Every Thursday Evening


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  • Mikhaeel Mala Nasheed Class

    Reveal hidden talent within your child for praising Allah!

    Date: Beginning Sat 26th March


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