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Scholars Testmonials

Sheikh Ahmad Muath al-Khateeb al-Hasani

All Praise is to Allah, the Lord of the universe and I send salutations and peace upon the one sent as a mercy for the worlds, our master Mohammed and upon his family, his companions. I was honoured to see this blessed website – Darul Arqam Educaton Trust. I found in it to be greatly beneficial with its distinguished activities carried out by people of knowledge may (Allah protect them) headed by Shaykh Muhammed Zaqir and his brethren, whom I know from his time at Damascus to be an avid seeker of knowledge acquainted with a concern for the state of the ummah and a pious example of a Muslim in these times, and all praise is from Allah. I thank the brothers and sisters that are running the institute and ask Allah to fulfil their goals and bestow them with divine providence that leads to all goodness. My advice to Darul Arqam is to be cooperative with all Muslims, to make loving others for the sake of Allah their bond in addition to being a guide and being merciful to all people- Muslims and non Muslims. To endeavour to make Islam known to people using wisdom and beautiful speech. May you be motivated by sincerity, the search for truth and be gentle with all. May Allah bless us all through the proximity of offering service to Muslims and non Muslims and make us all torch bearers of guidance and faith to all of humanity. May all praise be to Allah. Former Khateeb of Ummayad Mosque, Damascus, Syria. Teacher of Dawah in various Islamic institutes in Damascus. Founder of Madrassah Tahzeeb wa al-Talaeem, Damascus.

Sheikh Anzaar Shah Kashmiri

We had the opportunity to visit the academic and religous institution known as Darul Arqam. The objectives outlined for the institute are both important and contempory…I pray that the Haqq glorified be he makes the institute a source of benefit and enable its founder to work with sincerity and fortitude and ease all difficulties.

Sheikh Salam al-Nadwi al-Hasani

It gives me great pleasure to testify that Darul Arqam based in Leicester, UK is an Islamic institute that provides education and social activities to members of the Muslim faith, both children and adults. It pleases me that the director of this institute manages this institute to establish the rejuvenation of Islam and provide educational and social activities using modern methods of teaching while honouring the traditional legacy. I have personally seen the work of Darul Arqam and I am pleased with its progress and pray to Allah to increase the centre and its work bearing long term fruition and benefit for the forthcoming generations of Muslims.

Sheikh Akram al-Nadawi

I am pleased to write in support of this project. It is being organized by Sheikh Zaqir ibn Adam. I have known him for a long time and I am confident that inshaAllah he will establish a successful centre for Islamic education in Leicester. There is great need for an institution which respects the traditional values and curriculums which at the same time being open to students whose background and training are modern. The Centre will emphasize the unity and common ground which binds Muslims together in the service of the same One God and the sunnah of His Messenger.

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