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Salawat in Rabi al-Awal

Salawat in Rabbi Al-Awwal

The Blessed Month of Rabbi al-Awwal has arrived – why do we increase in Salawat in this month? It is mentioned by Imam al-Sakhawi RA in “The Amazing Speech”. When a person sends salutations on the Prophet ﷺ at the beginning of his dua and he sends salutations at the end of his dua, Allah Most High will definitely accept salutations upon The Prophet ﷺ as Allah Most High has taken this as an oath upon Himself. Allah commands us to send salutations upon The Prophet ﷺ and Allah responds to the person sending salutations, by sending a minimum of 10 salutations back.

If Allah accepts Salawat at the beginning and Salawat at the end of one’s dua, Allah will not be so stingy as to not accept what is between the 2 – the dua of the person. This is the Adaab of making dua! It’s the reason why we send blessings upon The Prophet ﷺ before dua and at the end of dua. Our intention should not only be to increase Salawat during this month, but to continue to increase in this blessed act indefinately!

Increase in Salawaat during this month and in asking Allah for what is good for the Ummah and mankind. Increase in closeness to the Noble example of The Prophet ﷺ and welcome the Month of Rabi al-Awwal with a good deed such as the best of deeds – donating Sadaqah. CLICK HERE to donate through our humanitarian partner charity today!

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