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Wayfarers Retreat 2022

السلام عليكم و رحمة الله و بركاته
Dear Students, as valued members of the DA student body we welcome you to the Wayfarers Week Spiritual Retreat, 15th to 22nd October 2022.

A blessing from Allah that the Wayfarers Week in will take place this year in Antakya – a land of Prophets and Their Companions عليهم السلام.

This year our Wayfarers Week excludes flights as we found this to be the most cost-effective solution to propose to our Wayfarers. The flights itinerary to Antakya (HTY) by Pegasus Airlines and Turkish Airlines are the most inexpensive flights currently. Please complete the registration form at the bottom of this page to apply for a place at the Wayfarers Retreat.

We have done our utmost to make sure we offer the lowest possible prices to our fellow students and these are:

0- 2 Free
3-11 £395
12+ £555

The prices include:
– Transfers from Airport to the hotel,
– Hotels, breakfast and Dinner
– All Excursions
– Lessons by Shiekh Wail and Shiekh Zaqir
– Litanies in congregation
– Access to local scholars

Please make sure you consider the following when you are booking flights:

– Flight times : Please make sure you choose the times that will conclude your travel in one day.

– Baggage Allowance: Please be aware that adding on 20kg baggage will incur an additional cost, be mindful of this.

Flight Cost: Please make sure that you compare the prices between Turkish Airlines, Pegasus Airlines, and Sky Scanner to make sure you get the most cost-effective price.

Layover times: These are connecting times between your international and domestic flights. Please make sure you put into perspective the layover times to your flight.

Deposit payment: The deposit is £400 12+ / £300 3-11 yrs – which will need to be paid no later than August the 22nd 2022. The cost may increase after this date due to currency fluctuations.

We pray that the above helps you when you book your flights. Please inform us as soon as you booked your ticket(s) for our records.

We look forward to seeing you in Antakya inshaaAllah and remember that we are here to help.

Please use the contact details below should you have any queries:

DA Wayfarers Br Abdul Haseeb & Sr Noreen 07947 313 696 / Br Bilal 07528 084 809 (DA Admin) / info@datrust.org

DA Wayfarer’s Volunteers Team

و ما توفيقنا الا بالله
Click Here to view WAfarers Retreat Brochure Oct. 2022

Wayfarers Retreat 2022

Why Retreat with Darul Arqam?

“The contemplative believer who remembers God will begin to enjoy solitude and places of seclusion where voices and movements are hushed. There he will find strength of heart and will, and he will no longer be worried or depressed. He will begin to taste the sweetness of worship, of which he cannot have enough. In it, he will find abundance of pleasure and comfort – more than what he used to find in diversion and play, or in the satisfaction of worldly desires. When he experiences this state, many of the worldly concerns will disappear, as he is in a completely different world from the rest of humanity!”

–Ibn Al Qayyim, Madaarij As Salikeen

Darul Arqam invite you to join the Wayfarers Week Retreat for a week of remembrance and contemplation. Aiming to recreate an atmosphere of brotherhood, compassion and joy that emanates with true faith. We deliberately keep costs low so that the most people possible can benefit. We hope during week we can rejuvenate some of the meanings we have been studying within the various courses at Darul Arqam.  It is a joyful time, with attendance open to all, including families and we welcome children (for whom special activities have been arranged) since their presence is a means for the attraction of the angels of mercy. There are various activities, circles of sacred knowledge, circles of Qu’ran, remembrance, congregational prayers and sacred recreational activities which will enlighten the soul and draw you in proximity to our Lord.

Why Antakya ?

More Information To Follow Very Soon…

Classes and Prayer Schedule
Morning and afternoon Classes and the Adhkaar will take place in the conference room in the ground floor of the hotel. The venue for Salaah will be in Habib Najjar Masjid across the hotel being a 3 minute walk from the accommodation.

Please click here to view the full brochure and itinerary.

Are you ready to retreat!?

A deposit of £400 per adult, and £300 per child is required to secure your space along with completion of the registration form. Payment of the full balance is required 6 weeks prior to travel (you are welcome to pay the full balance when booking if you prefer). Please make a transfer to Darul Arqam’s bank account using the below details:

Islamic Bank of Britain

Darul Arqam Educational Trust

Sort code: 30 00 83

Account No: 01226101

Reference: (see below)

In the bank transfer reference section, please make the reference your first two initials followed by ‘-WW22’. For example, Zaid Imran will use the reference ‘ZI-WW22’

Important: Once you have transferred the money via bank transfer, please email us at info@datrust.org with a screen capture of the final screen mentioning whom the amount has been transferred to (or a PDF receipt) and email us with your full name and the back page/info page of your Passport – for identification purposes.


Please complete the registration form below:

Wayfarers Retreat Registration Form

  • Please complete the registration form in order to register your interest for the retreat. Each attendee aged 11+ needs a separate registration. Children under 11 can be included on the form of the adult who will be supervising them. When answering questions related to diet/medical needs, please specify the name of the attendee this applies to. Your information is confidential.
  • First NameSurnameGenderAgeDate of BirthFirst Line of AddressCityPostcode 
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    Please use the + button to add all of the attendees you are registering
  • Attendee NameMobile NumberEmail Address 
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    Please use the + button to add the contact details of all attendees aged 16+.
  • First NameSurnameMobile Number 
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    Please use the + button to add the names and numbers of your emergency contacts.
  • Attendee NameDietary RequirementAny Associated Medication 
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    Please use the + button to add any dietary requirements of all attendees you are registering. Please note - only medical, allergy and long-term lifestyle choices (e.g. vegan) needs are catered for.
  • Attendee NameMedical ConditionAny Associated MedicationAccessibility Requirements 
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    Please use the + button to add any medical conditions and associated medication of the attendees you are registering. Please note - we cannot guarantee to accommodate all medical requirements due to limited resources. A member of Admin will contact you if special requirements are needed.
  • By submitting this form I am consenting to Darul Arqam Educational Trust securely storing the information provided for the purpose of the retreat and to use the information provided to contact myself or my emergency contact if necessary. Upon attending the retreat I consent to consequential photography during the event for the purpose of Dawah to facilitate calling others to take the same benefit. Please click the submit button below in order to complete your registration. A space will be provisionally reserved for you and a member of Darul Arqam's admin team will be in contact to confirm your booking at a later date.