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Wayfarers Retreat Umrah

21th Dec 2023 to 3rd Jan 2024

6 Days Medina / 4 Days Mecca

There comes a time in our life where we must answer the Divine call that only resonates in our hearts, for the ones who are called must be answered as the call is from the Divine Sovereign.Those who have had the blessed opportunity to be in the presence of the most beloved will stand testimont to the fact that the hearts melt and eyes flow and the head bows for these are the defaulted signs of being in front of our master prophet Muhammad pbuh.

Our Wayfarers retreats are journeys that have been imbued with instilling this love in our hearts and for getting to know more of our beloved Prophet as if when it started its end was written for it to lead us to himself for all roads lead to our beloved, the master of the prophets, Prophet Muhammad pbuh.

Our journey must continue and what would be better than to make our intention for the next Wayfarers journey to be towards our beloved. So, over the feedback of our retreat years and from our classes we are humble to introduce our Umrah Retreat.

Dates: 21th Dec 2023 to 3rd Jan 2024

Duration: 6 Days Medina – 4 Days Mecca
Return Air Ticket – Breakfast & Supper – Accommodation – Ziyaarats – Transport in Saudi
Excludes: Tourist Visa.
4 Sharing £1,295, 7+years / 2 – 6 years £1,125 Deposit 50% non-refundable.

We look forward to making this holy journey with you.

For more information please contact:

DA Wayfarers Leads 07947 313 696 / 07528 084 809 (DA Admin) / info@datrust.org

DA Wayfarer’s Volunteer Team

Please complete the registration form below:

Umrah Registration Form

  • Please complete the registration form in order to register your interest for the retreat. Each attendee aged 11+ needs a separate registration. Children under 11 can be included on the form of the adult who will be supervising them. When answering questions related to diet/medical needs, please specify the name of the attendee this applies to. Your information is confidential.
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    Please use the + button to add any medical conditions and associated medication of the attendees you are registering. Please note - we cannot guarantee to accommodate all medical requirements due to limited resources. A member of Admin will contact you if special requirements are needed.
  • By submitting this form I am consenting to Darul Arqam Educational Trust securely storing the information provided for the purpose of the retreat and to use the information provided to contact myself or my emergency contact if necessary. Upon attending the retreat I consent to consequential photography during the event for the purpose of Dawah to facilitate calling others to take the same benefit. Please click the submit button below in order to complete your registration. A space will be provisionally reserved for you and a member of Darul Arqam's admin team will be in contact to confirm your booking at a later date.

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