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Ultimate Transformation


Price: £90
Location: Online via zoom.
Duration: 1 year
Entry Requirements: Islamic Studies Diploma
Tutor: Shaykh Muhammed Zaqir

Ultimate Transformation

Are you ready to complete your transformation?

In reality completion of our study never occurs until our last breath as the Prophet ﷺ said – seek knowledge from the cradle to the grave.

Transformation is both academic and spiritual. During the Diploma we have focused on academics and may have spent less time on the spiritual. For this reason the Ultimate Transformation course will be taught live, focusing on practical spiritual implementation of the academic understandings gained.

Transformation is a multi-layer process, combining together multiple aspects of lifestyle, self-work and worship. In a culture void of spirituality, persevering on this path requires deep guidance to equip you with the tools to navigate a culture lacking in spirituality.

Your Journey will:

Provide you will more in-depth sessions for complete and rounded knowledge.

Enrol you into an optional mentoring session, at the end of the course with Shaykh Zaqir.

Combine knowledge gained in the Islamic Studies Diploma Modules, into daily spiritual practises.

Sessions will be taught live and backed up by prerecorded sessions and notes in your student portal.

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Ultimate Transformation – Complete your Journey Today!

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