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Thoughtful Prayer


Thoughtful Prayer

Price: £60
Location: Online on demand
Tutor: Maulana Uzair

Do you crave the feeling of closeness to Allah during prayer?

At the time of Salah, believers should detach themselves from all worldly chores of life, and turn to Allah Almighty, acknowledging that all things are short-lived and mundane except Allah the Eternal. Salah is an expression of gratitude and a Muslim should start his/her day with Salah and end the day with it.

Through Salah we declare Allah’s glory and greatness by, standing, bowing, kneeling and prostrating, as well as verbally proclaiming his praise and glory in all them acts.

Salah not only establishes and maintains a connection/relationship with Allah, but also reminds a believer of his/her duties towards Allah and makes one mentally, physically and spiritually pure. Salah was the first command issued by Allah and it has been given reference to in the Qur’an 67 times. It is the second pillar of Islam and has been made an obligation for all Muslims both male and female of mature age.

“Tell my servants who believe to establish Salah” (14:31)

Be in awe of Allah through prayer!

This course:

  • Develops your connection to Allah by the study of the Arabic of prayer.
  • Connects you to Allah in your prayer by assisting you in understanding the meanings of what you recite.
  • Teaches basic Arabic grammar help you to understand what you recite in your prayer.

Let your prayer be for you a light and not a rag which is hurled back at you; as the Prophet ﷺ mentioned would happen if the person offering the prayer was not mindful within it.

“A very well thought out course, material presented provided thorough and in depth detail. It has given me a lot to process in a positive way.” – 2021 Student Feedback


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