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The Prophetic Light


Time: On Demand now!
Price: £60
Location: Online 
Opportunity for further study: This course is complimentary to The Seerah module of The Diploma in Islamic Studies and can be sat as a stand alone course.
Tutor: Habib Kadhim

The Prophetic Light

Are you reading Surah’s of The Qur’an in your daily prayers with a lack of presence?

In Arabia during the 7th century a momentous moment occurred. Allah in his divine providence for creation sent a person who would change, forever, the world. That person was our Leader Mohammed ﷺ. He transformed Arabia and the Arabs from a backward illiterate people to an advanced spiritual and intellectual civilisation. In a period less than a century the Islamic state imbued with the teachings of the Prophet Mohammed ﷺ stretched up to Spain in the west and to China in the East. The ‘liberating’ of these lands however was not a liberation of subjugation rather a liberation of the hearts with the teachings of Mohammed which remain to this day even if the political influence of the of the Islamic state has waned. Learn in detail about the history of the Prophet and his times.

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