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The Magnificent Miracle


Start Date : Friday 17th December 2021
Time : 8:00pm
Price :  £ 60.00 per
Location : Online via Zoom.
Opportunity for further study: This Module is part of the Foundational Diploma Award and can be sat as a stand alone course.
Tutor : Shaykh Zaqir


Have you ever pondered deeply on the hidden Miraculous Layers of The Qur’an?

Learn how language and circumstances of revelation add deeper meaning and depth to this Sublime Book to unravel the meaning and beauty of the Noble Qur’an.

The Course Covers:

  • Various aspects of the Quran such as codification, definition & Miracles of The Qur’an.
  • Overview of Thematic Meanings.
  • Sources of al-Tafseer, literary style, types of al-Tafseer and other topics.
  • Study discussions around Orientalists and propagated misconceptions.

By learning these core topics you will not only connect yourself closer to The Message of Allah, but also those around you. Have you ever experienced a situation where someone asks you about your faith and you get tongue tied to explain why you have such a deep belief in Allah’s Message? Unraveling these hidden meanings enables you to articulate to other’s the vast Miracle that is The Qur’an which is instrumental in calling other’s to Islam, wether that be our children, family, friends or co-workers!

“The course deepened my understanding of The Qur’an and unveiled certain miracles I was previously unaware of.” 2020 Uloom ul Qur’an Diploma Student.

“Shaykh Zaqir has an ocean of knowledge, yet assists the student to understand complex issues. Each week I leave with a fresh, renewed outlook and strengthened Imaan.” 2020 Uloom ul Qur’an Diploma Student

“It gave me better understanding of the quran to aid spiritual growth” 2020 Uloom ul Qur’an Student

How do I book my Free Taster Session?

Click ‘Add to cart’ at the top of the page, then access the basket to proceed to checkout. Complete your billing details and ensure your email address is correct – we will use these details to register you for the free taster session. Once completed click “Place Order” and wait to see your order confirmation. Thereafter we will send you log in details for the Zoom session within an hour prior to the course beginning.

This course counts towards the Diploma in Islamic Studies Award. If you complete this as an individual course, your credits will be reserved on our records to count towards the Islamic Studies Diploma at a later date, should you decide to continue your studies.

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