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Location: Online
Price:  £60
Tutor: Shaykh Amin Buxton

The way to the presence of Allah in our souls and lives is built upon knowledge as the light with worship and action as the path. As we pass through periods of this journey of our life we will find that both are indispensable. Happiness, solace and content are only achievable dependent on our true practice of the faith – internal, external and societal interactions. A practice of faith which is not merely ritual but graceful and serene.

The assistance to this way is was espoused by Imam Al-Haddad (d. 1132 AH / 1720 CE) in his ‘Epistle of Common Assistance and Support for Traversing the Way of the Hereafter [Non Material Life]’. This is normally known as ‘The Book of Assistance’.

The 6 short classes will not only open the door to return to Allah but also clearly etch the road to continuity of developing internal spirituality with outward practice.

• Learn how to turn this world into a journey to your afterlife

• Learn the key terms of the science of Islamic spirituality

• Learn what it means to have good character with people

• Learn how to turn away from this world and focus on Allah Most High

• Appreciate the depth of the Muslim spiritual tradition

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