Darul Arqam Educational Trust

Sisters Quranic Arabic Level 2


Start Date: Wednesday 27th January
Time: 7pm
Location: Online via Zoom
Price: £38
Duration: 6 weeks
Tutor: Munira Appa
Entry Requirements: To have completed Level 1 Qur’anic Arabic

Arabic language is spoken by some 230 million people around the world and recited and read by many hundreds of millions more. But more importantly it is the language of Islam, of the Prophet of Islam and of the Book of Islam. It has been narrated in a tradition that the language of paradise is Arabic. During ones study of this beautiful language one will begin to appreciate why.

The course ‘Beginners Qur’anic Arabic’ is specifically formulated to enable rapid acquisition of Arabic grammar rules and core vocabulary necessary to understand the Quran. Although the key areas covered are limited to reading and comprehension the course provides a solid foundation for those who wish to cover conversational Arabic in subsequent courses.

The course will furnish students with much of what is necessary of Arabic grammar to understand the Quran and vocabulary which is specifically from the Quran. This course was originally structured over level’s, while maintaining the structure of the previous Level 1, this course will revise and cover new material enabling students with multiple commitments.

It will cover the major grammar points of the Quran during class study and analysis of important verses and chapters in the Quran with Tafsir (explanation of the Quran) initially starting with al-Fatiha and various other short Surahs / chapters will also be covered.

Learn the Book of Allah in Arabic and witness your connection to Allah increase.