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Sacred Garment Marriage Course

Sacred Garment Marriage Course – The Spirit of Marriage

Price:  £60
Tutors: Shaykh Muhammed Zaqir and Apa Munirah

What is the secret for peace and harmony in marriage?

Do you ever wonder why your marriage feels like it lacks intimacy, or like life has become routine? Are you at a marriageable age but avoiding the commitment? The demands of modern life from unhealthy narratives such as social media and non-spiritual sources can add pressure to those who are seeking the blessings of Nikah! through the Sacred Garment Marriage Course realign yourselves with the role of the husband and the wife to ensure that your marriage is stable, united and fulfilling.

Wherever you are seeking a partner, newly weds or entering into your 5th, 10th or 15th year as a married couple, ensuring that you have the self-awareness and authentic knowledge to ensure your family is strongly bonded, caring and supportive provides the climate for its members to grow and develop into citizens who are both committed and progressive – giving you the knowledge to be parents who build an atmosphere of encouragement, support and care to help your children grow from strength to strength.

Marriage is the institution of society – Success of any society lies upon the strength and well-being of it’s most basic unit, the husband and wife!

This course addresses various concerns that all Muslims, preparing to enter the institution of marriage, should familiarise themselves with.

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Student Testimonials:

”I felt it gave me a great insight into the spirit of marriage and the focus was on the foundation rather than fiqh. I found the love languages extremely intuitive and now have a better understanding.”
“It’s a fantastic course. It’s had a positive impact on my marriage already.”
“I have gained an increase in knowledge and ideas about love and ideas regarding masculinity and femininity.”
“I have learnt a lot, vast amounts of information were given. My marriage was on rocks for the past 15 years and alhumdulilah I can say I have learnt a lot from this and now I apply this to marriage. Although it will take time, I am happy to say we are improving, jazakAllah khair Shaykh and to your team for all your hard work.”
“I found the marriage course really beneficial especially the practical ways of dealing with daily situations. After implementing some of the techniques in my own marriage I have found our home to be more peaceful and harmonious. I learned that ‘my way’ of doing things is not always the best way. I now understand in greater detail that in marriage we both have our own special roles and if we cherish and respect this it will make a lifelong marriage.”

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