Darul Arqam Educational Trust

Rapid Transformational Therapy


Date: TBC beginning new academic year
Duration: 8 Sessions over 8 Weeks
Time: 8-9pm
Price: £149.95
Location: Darul Arqam Educational Trust
Therapists: Madhia Jaral & Dr Ruqia Zafar


Know Your Mind to Know Yourself – Group Masterclass

Understand the principles behind RTT and understanding you mind.

An 8 week online in-depth group study course delivered in 1-hour sessions.

How to free yourself from unhelpful habits, limiting beliefs and past traumas without years of therapy even if you’ve already tried everything.

Do you find yourself with the same looping thoughts?

Do you find it impossible to break some behaviours and habits?

Do you repeatedly find yourself in the same unhealthy relationship patterns?

Do you struggle in setting healthy boundaries?

Do you want to understand behaviours & habits? Do you wish you understood why individual character and personality is the way it is?

“Madhia is an amazing RTT therapist. She takes you on a deep journey into your subconscious and helps you uncover your self limiting beliefs. The audio she records for you to help you overcome your issue is invaluable. She has a deep calming voice that seems to penetrate your soul and help you shift your mindset forever. I would highly recommend her if you have a block getting in the way of your success!” – Dr Hafsah Qureshi, Lincoln UK (2021)

We will travel through the conscious and the unconscious mind to understand

  • The relationship between the conscious and the unconscious,
  • How the mind works to form behaviours & habits,
  • What roles people are playing in life,  
  • The ways in which people hurt,
  • What are the root causes of prevalent mental health problems and how they can be overcome  
  • How you can reframe and replace unhelpful thought patterns that are not serving you with helpful thought patterns
  • And how this can all be done in hours not years!
  • CBT activities after each session to implement throughout the week.
  • This is a group masterclass to educate yourself. If there is demand we can also organise a group RTT session (minimum 4 people). Individual RTT is also available to individuals.
“For some time now, I have been feeling like a failure in whatever I do. Even, if I have excelled in certain aspects of my life, I never truly felt the satisfaction or happiness of my achievement. must be honest, when I first came to Madhia and decided to have the RTT session, I was sceptical with the whole idea of such a therapy eradicating my issue. However, my attitude completely changed pretty much straight away. I felt like a new person with a new mindset. I truly felt what it means to have a ‘burden off my shoulder’. Madhia was able to successfully help me go to the core of the issue, by tapping into my subconscious mind and learning how the pattern started” – Sonia, Bradford (UK)

When we understand why we are the way we are then we can better understand why others are the way they are, and this will help us improve our relationships with ourselves and with others.

Sessions will be interactive with time dedicated to your questions. You will go away with practical tools to help understand yourself and those around you enabling change to take place.

This course is suitable for mentors, leaders, managers, youth workers, parents, teachers and anyone interested in developing the power of understanding the mind and how to how up better in this life in hope of preparing for ourselves a better hereafter, in sha Allah.

“I had an RTT session with Dr Ruqia regarding my anxiety surrounding exams struggles with procrastination as this was something I had struggled with for a while. I felt like the pressure of my uni work was crushing, and I was not motivated to engage with my work at all. However, with the help of Dr Ruqia through RTT, I have managed to feel in control of my anxiety surrounding exams and procrastination and have started to enjoy my work a lot more. I feel self-confident with myself and my abilities! Especially with the recordings, I felt that listening to them helped my self-confidence so much, a form of meditation.

I felt that the session addressing my problems was really helpful in tackling the root causes of my issues! At first I was not sure of what to expect because it was my first time hearing of RTT, however I am so glad I went ahead with the session because the results I gained were phenomenal- I did so well in my exams and was elated with my marks! I would HIGHLY recommend other people to have RTT with Dr Ruqia, because not only is the session itself so enjoyable, the effects and support is maintained afterwards too. I know in the future I will be back for more too iA! Thank you so much to the amazing Dr Ruqia!!” (KM, Cambridge)

How do I book on the sessions?

To attend the session on the 25th July 2021, click “Add to Cart” and proceed to complete payment. We will email you with confirmation of your booking within 3 working days.

“Thank you Ruqia for your support, words can’t explain how grateful I am for you amazing work, you’re an incredible therapist. My son is now free of bed wetting, I’ve had therapy for him before because he was bedwetting everyday with only rare dry days and he’s almost 9years old. It used to make him feel ashamed and embarrassed 😞 and I have tried all sorts of things to support him to stop but nothing seemed to work.

The session with you was an eye opener, I am so impressed with how you worked with him, you really understood and connected with him making it easy and comfortable for him to work with you.

He is now free of bedwetting, he is more confident and happy in himself. He used to feel ashamed and this is a horribly heavy feeling for any child to carry. Thank you for freeing him.

You an amazing therapist, I will always come back to you when I need more support.”


Maria, London