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Rapid Transformational Therapy


Start Date : 25th July 2021
Time : 11-12
Price : £149.95
Location : Darul Arqam Educational Trust
Therapists :Madhia Jaral & Dr Ruqia Zafar


Do you want to discover what is blocking your success and health?

Do you wish that you could recode and rewire yourself to help you reach unparalleled heights? Rapid Transformational Therapy accesses the subconscious mind and finds the real root cause. Once the root cause has been found we then reframe and transform leaving no trace of the past negatives – this is what we achieve with RTT®️ in only one to three sessions. We have had unparalleled success in helping a host of people with a variety of psychological and physical ailments.

“Madhia is an amazing RTT therapist. She takes you on a deep journey into your subconscious and helps you uncover your self limiting beliefs. The audio she records for you to help you overcome your issue is invaluable. She has a deep calming voice that seems to penetrate your soul and help you shift your mindset forever. I would highly recommend her if you have a block getting in the way of your success!” – Dr Hafsah Qureshi, Lincoln UK (2021)

When you perform RTT, RTT becomes your catalyst to change. It only takes one to three sessions to remove your presenting problem. In a session the root cause of the issue easily comes to your awareness with an understanding of how it is negatively impacting you.

The change is powerful and permanent because we recode and rewire your mind so it starts to work for you and not against you.

“For some time now, I have been feeling like a failure in whatever I do. Even, if I have excelled in certain aspects of my life, I never truly felt the satisfaction or happiness of my achievement. must be honest, when I first came to Madhia and decided to have the RTT session, I was sceptical with the whole idea of such a therapy eradicating my issue. However, my attitude completely changed pretty much straight away. I felt like a new person with a new mindset. I truly felt what it means to have a ‘burden off my shoulder’. Madhia was able to successfully help me go to the core of the issue, by tapping into my subconscious mind and learning how the pattern started” – Sonia, Bradford (UK)
What Can I Expect from the session?
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How do I book a session?

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  • We offer 3 types of sessions:

    Individual RTT Session Prices start from £300 depending on the individual ailment. This session is individually tailored to the needs of the attendee. We anticipate participants will require 1-3 sessions.

    Small Group RTT Session £119 investment per person - Approximately 3 hours. This session is individually tailored for the needs of each attendee. We anticipate participants will require 1-3 sessions.

    Group Teaching Masterclass - ‘Know Your Mind to Know Yourself’ Investment of £149.95 - An 8 week study course online, delivered in 1 hour sessions, designed to help learners understand how our mind works. Students will go away with practical tools to help understand themselves and those around them. Enabling change to take place through reflection. Suitable for mentors, leaders, managers, youth workers, parents, teachers and anyone interested in developing an understanding of the mind.

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