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Ramadan Refresher


On Demand Course
Price: Free
Location: Online
Tutor: Shaykh Zaqir
Are you ready for Ramadan?

With Ramadan so near, every Muslim must spiritually and mentally prepare for it. People prepare for weeks and months before the day of an exam. They know that this day is consequential and that what happens will affect them for a long time to come.

Ramadhan is like a school and if we ‘study & practice this school’ it can transform us. Allah mentions that we fast so that we can attain piety – ‘lalakum tattaqkun’.

You Will Learn:

  • Understanding of the Spirituality of Ramadan.
  • How to prepare for fasting.
  • The details of fasting.
  • Current issues related to Ramadan 2021.
  • How to navigate Ramadan successfully, reap its spiritual blessings and to continue with what has been achieved in Ramadhan throughout the year.

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