Darul Arqam Educational Trust

Qur’an Memorisation

Start Date: Monday 1st March 2021

Time: 4:45pm-7:15pm

Price: £40 per month. Attend your first session for free!

Location: Darul Arqam Educational Trust.

Tutors: Maulana Bilal

Entry Requirements: None – Designed for beginners!

Children are also welcome to join (Age 9 +)

Do you want to increase your connection with the Qur’an?

“Those to whom we have given the book recite it with its true recital; they are those who believe ( al-Quran : 2:121 )”

Memorise the Qur’an according to the Hafs Qira’ah using strategies and methods of how to memorise the selected Surahs of the Quran including Tajweed, the rules of Tajweed including applying the basic Makarij (points of articulation) and Sifat (manner in articulating the letters) when reading the Holy Quran.


  • Etiquettes for the student studying the Quran.
  • An explanation of the makarij and sifat of each letter.
  • Reading and applying the rules learnt from the ‘Noorani Qaida’
  • Reading important surahs such as al-Fatiha and other short surahs that one reads daily with consistent application of the rules of Tajweed.
  • Memorisation of Surahs Such as Yaseen, Rahman, Waqiah and other central Surahs to the Quran .

This is a unique course in Leicester. You can attend your first session for free and enrol thereafter!

How do I register for this course?

Feel free to come along to your first session for free – simply email info@localhost to inform of your attendance for your trial session!

Once you are ready to officially enrol, click ‘Add to Cart’ and complete the Direct Debit form to initiate payment of your course fees. We will confirm the booking of your course once enrolment is complete.

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