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Peaceful Parenting


Time: On Demand
Duration: 8 Sessions
Price:   £98 
Tutors: Ustadha Munira 

Peaceful Parenting

Nurture your child to grow them in Virtue!

Do you wonder why your child is always argumentative? Or why your child is quiet, reserved and is reluctant to socialise? Or why your child always wants to be centre of attention and lands himself/herself into trouble?

Every child is unique and needs to be understood in order to parent him/her in a way that that will motivate and grow them in virtue. This course will teach you:

This course:

• To understand your child’s unique temperament.
• The key to unlocking his/her behaviour and moods.
• How your parental style meshes with that of your child.
• How it impacts your child’s socialisation and discipline.
• How to motivate your child in school, at home and in their social life.

We want to make our homes a place of refuge, as opposed to a storm, where our worries and troubles disappear when we see our children, just as Allah SWT has guided us to ask in this powerful dua:

‘Our Lord! Bestow on us from our spouses & our offspring the coolness of our eyes & make us leaders of the righteous.’ Surah Al- Furqan 25:74

Through understanding your child you will be able nurture him/her into a strong, confident adult.

“I thank Allah every day for this as everything has changed since.. Alhamdulillah I’m in complete control of my own mental thoughts and i got to know me and my own family. I’ve become so much more conscious and accepting as a mother and most importantly I feel extremely close to Allah and that’s caused so much more joy and happiness within my self my home and everything Alhamdulillah” – Attendee





Course Terms

This course is for women only. If access is granted to an account, who is found to not be female, access will be removed and no refund will be granted. We request that all students to this course respect these terms and keep viewing to ladies only.

How do I access this Course?

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