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This Holistic Islamic Studies Diploma


This Holistic Islamic Studies Diploma

Date: 30th October 2022

£25 per month

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Beliefs (Aqueeda)

Practise (Fiqh)

Spirituality (Suluk)

Shaykh Mohammed Zaqir Founder of Darul Arqam Trust

Shaykh Mohammed Zaqir

The Pathway to Allah

Uncover the path the servant must traverse to reach his Lord.

Living in an age of mass information causes the believer to become confused. Why do we follow a Madhab? How do I worship Allah in the footsteps of The Messenger of Allah ﷺ? Answer these questions and others to refine clarity in your worship! Using a combination of revealed theology, jurisprudence, character and spiritual discipline – gain clarity on the Straight Path.

Whoever Allah desires good for, He gives him a total understanding of the faith.."

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The Holistic Islamic Studies Diploma

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