Darul Arqam Educational Trust

Inspirational Itikaaf


Location – Leicester, Darul Arqam Educational Trust

Date: Friday 3rd December 7pm-Sunday 5th December 5pm

Price:  Adults 16+ – £20 • Children 5-16 – £10 • Children Under 5 – £5

Please note – Under 16’s must be accompanied by an adult.

Tutors: Shaykh Zaqir and Guest Speakers


Are you craving to be immersed in spirituality?

This Inspirational Itikaaf (spiritual retreat) is a blessed moment for us to immerse ourselves in the remembrance of Allah and His Prophet ﷺ. During our hectic lives a moment of stillness and contemplation are valuable gifts which Allah only bestows upon his chosen slaves.

The Prophet ﷺ is reported to have said ‘a moment of contemplation is better than a thousand years of worship’ . Within this time we will realign our hearts to the divine and reconnect ourselves to the only two activities that are blessed and everlasting in this abode, with all else being cursed, the blessed activities of Allah’s remembrance and all that is connected to it and the teacher and student of sacred knowledge.

The Prophet ﷺ has said: ‘The world is accursed and that which is within it except the Glorification of Allah and that which is associated with it and the teacher and student of sacred knowledge and that which is associated with it’. We beseech Allah’s subtle succour to bless our time and flow over us his divine grace. By the grace of Allah you will be joined by various scholars.

CLICK HERE to download the full itinerary

The program will take place from:

Friday 3rd December 7pm-Sunday 5th December 5pm. For the full itinerary and further details, download the PDF (soon to be added). Essential floor bedding accommodation for brothers and sisters. No bedding will be provided. Application cut-off point: Friday 26th Nov 5pm.

How do I register?

Register your interest in the retreat for free by adding to cart and complete any necessary information. For additional members of your registration such as children please email info@datrust.org. Due to limited space, we will contact you to confirm your place. Once your place is confirmed, proceed to make payment (instructions will be sent at the time of confirmation of your booking).