Darul Arqam Educational Trust

Foundational Diploma in Islamic Studies


Are you seeking grounding in faith?

Date: 15th March 2022

£10 per month



Are you feeling disconnected? Do you feel confused on how to navigate modern issues? Are you seeking grounding in faith where you feel there is a void?

The Foundational Diploma in Islamic Studies was founded by Shaykh Zaqir in order to help modern, western Muslims with these issues! Learning these key components of our Faith provides an ongoing boost in Iman and confidence to navigate life as a Muslim in the modern world. Broken down into 3 core areas of focus, the Foundational Diploma will assist you in…

This Course will teach you:

  • Fundamental Beliefs
  • Spiritual States
  • Practises of Islam

In 3 Core Modules (taken in any order):

  1. Resuscitate the Soul
  2. Journey to Jannah – Current intake, click the link to enrol for your free session today!

To help you to:

    • Develop a deep connection with Allah Most High
    • Navigate core values of our Shariah
    • Implement central practises of Islam in our daily lives and worship
  • Navigate our contemporary culture in line with Islamic values
  • Prepare you on the road to further study

Tap into the guidance of some of the greatest thinkers in our history though the guidance and insight of Shaykh Zaqir and his extensive knowledge of the Arabic language – so that you can take full benefit from the classical texts –

  • The Beginning of Guidance – Imam Al-Ghazali
  • The Ettiquettes of Islam – Shaykh Abdul Fattah Abu Ghuddah
  • The Gift of the Seeker – Imam Abu Bakr Ibn Mohammed al-Mulla al-Ahsa’i

”The foundation course allowed me to gain confidence in my personal practice, allowed me to spread this to my near and dear ones and provided a platform for dealing with current issues that we face on a daily basis by being able to ask questions and clarify misconceptions. Completing the foundation course made me realise the deficiencies in my knowledge regarding essential topics of the religion and created a thirst for knowledge..” Foundational Diploma Graduate.

Gain clarity in an era of confusion – This is not the kind of knowledge you can access on google!