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A life changing Marriage Masterclass that promises to transform your relationship from turmoil to triumph!

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Date: Sat 20th April
Time: 10:30am-5pm
Location: Scraptoft Community Hut, Malsbury Ave, Leicester, LE7 9FQ
Masterclass Tutor: Ustadah Munira

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Is your marriage plagued by arguments? Do you feel that your marriage lacks intimacy and connection? Do you desire to feel loved and cherished every day?

Join us for this life changing Marriage Masterclass that promises to transform your relationship from turmoil to triumph! We won’t just tell you what you need for a successful marriage—we’ll show you how! Discover the exact words and actions to reignite passion, deepen connection, and foster lasting peace. Don’t settle for a mediocre marriage—join us for a thriving, loving relationship forever!

Discover the transformative power of the Forever Together Masterclass with these unique features:

• Direct and actionable: Say goodbye to fluff and uncertainty. We give you precise scripts tailored to every situation, empowering you to diffuse conflicts effortlessly and ignite a deeper connection with your partner.

• Simple and effective- Simple strategies which anyone can use to inspire your husband to become the caring loving man you desire.

• Mindset shift: Experience a mindset shift like never before. Step into your true power as a confident and empowered woman, destined to command respect, love, and adoration from your partner.

• Sisters only: Wives have enormous power in a relationship. The direction in which the relationship navigates is based on the wife and her skill level. We want to teach every woman how to use that power!

You will learn how to:

• Navigate conflict and put an end to arguments

• Achieve results without compromising

• Master the art of setting healthy boundaries that protect your mental state and relationship

• Unlock powerful communication strategies to strengthen your bond

• Learn what pitfalls to avoid and what fuels marital success.

• Gain the skills to confidently advocate for your needs and desires in your marriage

• Learn strategies to experience the joy of feeling truly loved and cherished every day

• And much more.

Who is this for?

Forever Together Masterclass is suitable for you if:

• You are an Unmarried/married individuals who is eager to equip yourself with the tools for a thriving marriage

• You are seeking to navigate issues and problems which cause conflict, in order to elevate your marriage to new heights

• You are considering separation and divorce but would like to give it one last try

• You are committed to enriching your already succesful union, by deepening your connection and intimacy with your spouse, to allow both of you to become the best versions of yourselves in evey aspect of life.

Join today to discover how to deepen your intimacy and cultivate a lasting bond in marriage.

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Don’t take our word for it, see what others have said about this course!

“This course is fantastic and should be taught nationwide because it’s just so easy to implement and makes a change in your marriage instantly! Don’t wait until your marriage is on breaking point because you can become the best version of yourself as a wife and have the most intimate and peaceful marriage, just by taking this course!”

“Over the past few weeks I’ve been implementing the course and I have also changed my whole attitude. I can see what my downfalls were and it’s been so empowering to see changes in my relationship. Recently on my birthday (I really hate having any fuss made over me) my mother in law wanted me to cook for my sister in law and her family that were visiting. I was fine with that so I prepared on Friday but my husband said he’s not letting me be slaving in the kitchen all day on my birthday ( he told his mum this aswell which is shocking) and he booked a surprise spa day for just the two of us which was amazing.
When I got back he had arranged a surprise party for me and had sorted all the food ,cake etc. I was so surprised and so happy even though I usually forget my own birthday. I actually can’t believe it’s the same man who wanted to cancel a trip to London when we first got married because his mum had a temperature.”

“I was blown away by this course! I’m shell shocked that I need to make changes in my life.”

“I’ve been having such a hard time in my marriage lately and kept blaming him and thinking in my head he should know. This course gave me a completely different perspective.”

“My marriage was in a really bad state and we were considering divorce. After taking this course, within a week, things changed. My husband did something amazing. As we sat down for a family meal, for the first time in our many years of marriage, he lovingly fed me in front of everyone! I was gobsmacked! It’s not even been a week but there’s been such an energy shift in our relationship and our home. Everyone should take this Masterclass!”

“My husband now catches himself before he says something. And if he does say something to offend me, he is immediately apologetic.”

“It has been really life changing for me. I just can’t get over how simple it is! I’ve been telling everyone they need to do it.”


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