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Diploma in Islamic Studies-Leicester 2020-2022




Do you feel like modern Muslims struggle to determine truth from falsehood?
We live in confusing times. It is incumbent now more than ever to know our faith in order to remain firm upon it, for the sake of the guidance of our own souls, our loved ones and the wider community of believers. Completing the Islamic Studies Diploma with Shaykh Muhammed Zaqir provides students with a sound grounding and understanding in the primary and secondary sources of Shari’ah and inner transformation. Students are introduced to fundamental values, sciences and concepts of Islam.

Lessons are taught in English, utilising classical and modern Islamic books, relevant to Muslims in contemporary western society. Each subject is delivered utilising Shaykh Zaqir’s fluency in classical Arabic and academic background to give students a deep understanding of core topics. This equips them with essential and transformative knowledge they can take forwards into their daily, academic and professional lives.

The programme takes place over 2 years, with study on a part-time basis and is delivered via a series of lectures, discussion groups and independent reading. The skills and knowledge developed will be transferable into the work place, the wider community, one’s own family and will equip students with the ability to continue on for further classical study. Begin transforming your relationship with Allah and those around you today!


  • To develop a sound grounding in Fundamental aspects of Shari’ah
  • To develop a foundation in Islamic Studies with a focus on Community work
  • To develop an understanding of the place of Muslims and Islam in contemporary society
  • To develop Muslims to take on leadership roles
  • To encourage positive implementation of social solutions and develop positive role models in society

Modules for the Islamic Studies Diploma can be taken separately. Graduation and presentation of the Diploma for qualified students will take place once all the modules have been completed and assessments have been passed.


  1.  The Magnificent Miracle – Uloom ul Quran (Current Intake – click the link to enrol for your free session)
  2.  Science of Hadith
  3.  Aqeedah
  4.  Seerah – The Divine Destiny
  5. Inner Healing (Beginning 5th February 20201, your Diploma programme will begin with this module)
  6. Contemporary Topics

(May be studied in any order, students can begin at any module)
“I found the 2 year Islamic Studies Diploma to be an excellent and well rounded course, covering so many of the essentials we need in our daily lives. The content is relevant and the class discussions are always engaging and thought-provoking. We’ve also covered some very contemporary issues on this course and this has helped immensely with my job role when dealing with both Muslims and non Muslims. This course provides a good solid foundation in the Deen, something highly sought after in today’s turbulent times. A highly recommended course.” – Safura, Diploma Graduate.
Many graduates of the Islamic Studies Diploma with Shaykh Zaqir have continued on to study the Alimyyah programme and carry out transformative work in their communities. Wether your intention of seeking knowledge is personal or part of a wider vision, by completing this Diploma you open doors to the opportunity to dive deeper into the ocean of Islamic Sciences and become part of a growing Alumni who live to strengthen and serve the Ummah of The Prophet Muhammed ﷺ.

Student Testimonials

”Shaykh Zaqirs depth of knowledge amazes me and may Allah (swt) increase him. ameen.”
“I received good answers to questions on how to deal with daily life.”
“It’s a fantastic course. Its had a positive impact on my marriage already.”
“I am honoured to be learning with Darul Arqam and believe that it is only, truly by the grace of the Almighty that he blessed me with taking the pure learning from this great institution.”
“I can only urge you sincerely from one brother to his brethern in Islam and humanity that if you truly want to learn islam, in its clear and pristine form then honestly consider studying the courses of Darul Arqam”

Upcoming Module:

The Magnificent Miracle

Have you ever pondered deeply on the hidden Miraculous Layers of The Qur’an?

Learn how language and circumstances of revelation add deeper meaning and depth to this Sublime Book to unravel the meaning and beauty of the Noble Qur’an.
The Course Covers:

  • Various aspects of the Quran such as codification, definition & Miracles of The Qur’an.
  • Overview of Thematic Meanings.
  • Sources of al-Tafseer, literary style, types of al-Tafseer and other topics.
  • Study discussions around Orientalists and propagated misconceptions.

By learning these core topics you will not only connect yourself closer to The Message of Allah, but also those around you. Have you ever experienced a situation where someone asks you about your faith and you get tongue tied to explain why you have such a deep belief in Allah’s Message? Unraveling these hidden meanings enables you to articulate to other’s the vast Miracle that is The Qur’an which is instrumental in calling other’s to Islam, wether that be our children, family, friends or co-workers!
“The course deepened my understanding of The Qur’an and unveiled certain miracles I was previously unaware of.” 2020 Uloom ul Qur’an Diploma Student.
“Shaykh Zaqir has an ocean of knowledge, yet assists the student to understand complex issues. Each week I leave with a fresh, renewed outlook and strengthened Imaan.” 2020 Uloom ul Qur’an Diploma Student
“It gave me better understanding of the quran to aid spiritual growth” 2020 Uloom ul Qur’an Student
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The Islamic Studies Diploma is taught in a loop format to allow multiple intake of students throughout the year. You can begin at any module (current intake will begin with The Magnificent Miracle) and continue through the programme until each module has been completed – this way you will not duplicate any modules.
Please email info@datrust.org for late enrolments.

Further Course Information

Please click the link below to view further information about this course including assessment topics.

Full Islamic Studies Diploma Syllabus PDF – Click Here