Darul Arqam Educational Trust

Beginners Quranic Arabic

Start Date: On Demand Now
Price: £60
Location : Online on demand – Access is granted through your Darul Arqam student account.
Entry requirements: The ability to read The Qur’an
Tutor: Shaykh Zaqir
Duration: 10 weeks
Tutors: Shaykh Muhammed Zaqir


Do you wish you could draw meaning from The Qur’an?

Learn the language of the letter Allah has sent to you – The Quran! For Arabic is The Language of Divine Love!

Has anyone ever told you that you can understand the Qur’an in 50 hours?

Within 10 short lessons you will be on the road of connecting to Allah by understanding The Message of Allah! Did you know you can boost your faith and 5 times a day? Draw closer to Allah as you contemplate on your understanding of the words you are reciting during your Salah!

Gain a deeper understanding of various Ayyah (Verses) from The Qur’an by gaining an understanding of certain key grammar points in Classical Arabic Language.

Boost your faith 5 times a day when you pray your Salah & feel close to Allah. How? By six short lessons you will be on the road to connecting to Allah by understanding The Message of Allah – don’t deprive your soul in times of solitude.  By further covering some new Aayah/Verses from the Quran with minimal grammar points.  By six short further lessons you will be now starting to feel confident in the language and closer to being able to continue your journey and  connecting  to Allah by understanding The Message of Allah.

“Quranic Arabic has given me the opportunity to study the language of the Quran in an informal, friendly setting which is open to sisters from all walks of life and with varying commitments. It taught using non-technical terms and therefore accessible to all regardless of age, level or ability. Regular translation of verses and vocabulary tests have allowed me to build my knowledge and enabled me to understand much of what I now recite from both the Quran and Hadith literature…” 2020 Qur’anic Arabic Student

How do I access this course?

In order to register for this course, you will need to create an account. Once the course fee has been paid, access will be granted via the portal, which is accessed by logging into your account.

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