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Aqeedah The Science of Islamic Belief


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Opportunity for further study: This module contributes to credits for The Islamic Studies Diploma or can be sat separately.
Tutor: Shaykh Zaqir

Aqeedah: The Science of Islamic Belief

Do you sometimes struggle to explain why you believe in Islam? Do matters concerning modern science confuse you? It’s time to clarify what Islam says about beliefs!

Strengthen your faith and feel the presence of Allah in your everyday lives through the science of Aqeedah (Islamic Beliefs) and Revealed Theology. Learn and feel the power of the miraculous Quran as we delve in to the proofs of Allah from the Quran and discover is messages and unique arguments. Marvel at the sophistication of the Muslim Theologians such as al-Ghazali and al-Razi (may Allah be pleased with them) laying the foundations of the Kalam-Cosmological Argument which is even employed today by Christian Theologians.

Discover the unparalleled Tolerance of Islam. Who will attain Paradise? Will Non-Muslims? These questions and others are all touched upon. Feel the immensity of the mission of the Prophet ﷺ and its relevance even for out times!

How do I access this course?

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The Aqeedah module is part of the Islamic Studies Diploma and can be taken separately!

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