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What's happening at Darul Arqam?

Konya Retreat Throwback!

Living the demands of a busy lifestyle in a culture void of spirituality,  makes retreat to blessed Muslim lands essential. Studying at Darul Arqam brings

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Hidayah Hub - Darul Arqam Trust

Hidayah Hub Phase 1!

Every week we are blessed to see the masjid full to capacity. Brothers praying outside in the car park on Jummah. Students filling Madrassah rooms

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Hike for Bosnia

Hike for Bosnia!

Darul Arqam teamed up with partner humanitarian aid charity Revive to hike for Bosnia! The route set off from Chatsworth House in Bakewell in the

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Mawlid - A brief history

Mawlid – A Brief History

Rabbi al-Awwal brings celebration around the world of the birth of The Prophet Muhammed ﷺ. To spite the wide spread and historical nature of this

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