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Inspirational Itikaaf Peterborough

Peterborough Inspirational Itikaaf

A weekend of spirituality, Salah, Qur’an, Dhikr, study, nature, sisterhood, brotherhood and Futuwwa. Those who attended have expressed the benefit they have taken from being in good company of others for the sake of Allah. Many have expressed how being in the Masjid environment for a weekend has enabled them to connect with younger members of their families as it requires them to “unplug” for an entire weekend and to connect for the sake of Allah in a spirt of service towards each other. The next itikaaf has been scheduled and registrations are being accepted – scroll down to view the gallery from this special weekend and to see information on the next upcoming retreat.

JazakAllahu khair for hosting our Peterborough Inspirational Itikaaf!
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Inspirational Itikaaf Solihull

Inspirational Itikaaf Solihull

Are you craving to be immersed in spirituality?

Date: Jun 3rd-5th

Price: Adults 16+  £25, Children 5-16 £15, Children under 5 £10

Tutors: Shaykh Zaqir and Guest Speakers

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