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Khadijah's Marriage Service Profile

Please answer the questions below accurately and press "submit". The information you provide will be viewable by potential matches. if you do not wish for people to know your identity at this stage, please use a nickname.
  • Personal Information

    This information will be kept fully confidentially and will not be shared unless you request for us to share with another profile.
  • If you are a chaperone, please provide the name of the member who you are completing this form on behalf of.
  • Please provide the email address which you would like us to use to communicate with you. This can be different to the one you originally registered with.
  • Accepted file types: jpg, gif, png, pdf.
    The photo will be stored confidentially. We will not share your photo except on request. The file must be below 40MB in the format of jpg, gif, png or pdf.
  • Chaperone Details

    This section is optional for those who wish to use a chaperone. Please note - all profile interests will be communicated directly to the profile owner in order to protect their confidentiality and ensure they are happy each step along the process. We will seek consent from the profile owner before communicating via a chaperone.
  • About Me

    This information will be shared to your profile, for others to view. Please don't share any information you are not comfortable with others knowing.
  • The nickname allows you to be anonymous. Please choose a name unrelated to you for anonymity.
  • E.g. Career, close family, to travel often...
  • E.g. Loyal, patient, good sense of humour...
  • What I am looking for in a Spouse

  • Please state flexibility on this as some matches may be willing to relocate.
  • E.g. Lifestyle traits
  • E.g. Career, close family, to travel often...
  • E.g. Loyal, patient, good sense of humour...

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