Darul Arqam Educational Trust

Islamic Will Planning Service

Plan Your Will with the intention of Sadaqa Jariya!

“A gift in your will can enable you to earn reward for eternity and as long as Darul Arqam Masjid continues to provide education to future generations”

Just 3 simple steps!

1.Complete and return the form online.

2. We will check the will and get it signed off by a Mufti and Solicitor.

3. Sign your completed will.

It is important to read through the legal Islamic aspects to planning a will. CLICK HERE to read the full legal terms and conditions for the Islamic will planning service. You may then proceed to fill out the form below or print a hard copy and post it back to us. Once you have completed and submitted the form, a member of our team will be in touch to advise you on how to proceed according to the requirement of Islamic Law.

Darul Arqam Educational Trust Islamic Will Planning Service

  • These are the people who will ensure everything happens. You can have up to 4 executors. They could be friends, family or a solicitor. Please include their full names and addresses.
  • Fill in this field if you are appointing a guardian for your child. Remember to discuss your wishes with the people you wish to appoint to make sure they consent. If you have a pet who you wish to appoint transfer of care for, please include them here.
  • In this section, make a list of everything you own and make a note of its approximate value. This section will help you work out the value of your estate. In the second section, think about what you owe and make a note of your liabilities. Deduct total B from total A and the result is the total net value of your estate. Please include the total at the bottom of the list.
  • Please include mortgages, loans, over drafts, credit cards, high purchase agreements etc.
  • Make a list of the family, friends and charities you would like to benefit in your will and think about what you would like them to receive. You will need to decide what you would like to give each person and whether it should be a specific item, amount of money or a % share from your estate. Please include the name, address, % share and amount or specific item for each.
  • If you know the name and address of your witnesses please include in the space below. Otherwise, please leave blank and we will discuss once we contact you.
    It will be really helpful if you can let us know if you have left a gift to Darul Arqam Educational Trust in your will or that you intend to do so. It will give us confidence that we will be able to continue with our life-changing work in future years. It will also mean that we can thank you properly and keep you up to date with our work, as well as ensuring that you are not contacted inappropriately. To let us know your intentions, or to ask for further information, please complete the form below in complete confidence. Please check the relevant boxes for your choice only.

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