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Inspirational Itikaaf

Realign To The Divine

Come to Islam as you are, to Islam as it is!

A weekend of removing oneself from the rigours of daily life, and immersing in a weekend of fun, focus, new friends, reigniting the heart to give motivation to break unwanted habits in order to focus on the divine.

Date: Fri 10th Nov 2023 – Sun 12th Nov 2023

Location: Darul Arqam Educational Trust, LE5 0TE, Leicester

Price: Adults16+ £23

Children 5-16 £11

Children under 5  £7

Tutors: Shaykh Zaqir and Guest Speakers

Please register the details of all attendees using the form below, before paying for your spaces.

Come to Islam as you are, to Islam as it is!

During our hectic lives a moment of stillness and contemplation are valuable gifts which Allah only bestows upon his chosen slaves. Wayfarers Weekend is a blessed moment for us to immerse ourselves in the remembrance of Allah and His Prophet ﷺ. The Prophet ﷺ is reported to have said ‘a moment of contemplation is better than a thousand years of worship’ . Within this time we will realign our hearts to the Divine and reconnect ourselves to the only two activities that are blessed and everlasting in this abode, with all else being cursed.

The Prophet ﷺ has said: ‘The world is accursed and that which is within it except the Glorification of Allah and that which is associated with it and the teacher and student of sacred knowledge and that which is associated with it’. We beseech Allah’s subtle succour to bless our time and flow over us His Divine grace.

Programme Includes:

Immersing yourself in the Masjid of Allah with a band of believers, All prayers read in congregation, Collective Dhikr and Inshaad. Educational classes and Classes,  Hike, Reflection time, Archery, Sports, Social time, Q&A, Refreshments and more.
Activities to include:
Hike, Archery and sports.

What you need to bring:

The Itikaaf is for the purpose of spiritually immersing yourself in the Masjid with simplicity. In order to increase the bonds of brother and sister hood amongst us.
Attendees will experience spending time and sleeping in the Masjid a blessed place where Angels gather and hearts can turn back to Allah. (Sleeping areas will be segregated for brothers and sisters) Suitible accommodation will be made available for sisters who are menstruating. Each Attendee is required to bring the following:
– Their own bedding, Yoga mats, folding mattresses and air beds are welcome.
– Suitable clothing for the outdoor activities and for living in the Masjid.
– Paper and pens to make any notes during classes
– Personal Toiletries
– Copy of the Qur’an
– A reusable bottle for water and a mug or flask for hot drinks (in order to keep waste to a minimum there will be no disposable cups available)

Shower facilities are only available for compulsory bathing purposes.

All meals will be provided with Tea /Coffee flowing throughout the day. Don’t forget your mugs and water bottles!

The program will take place from:

Fri 10th Nov 2023 – Sun 12th Nov 2023. The itinerary will be issued in the week prior to the itikaaf. Application cut-off point: Thursday 9th Nov 2023. (Places are limited)

Important Note:

All bookings for the Itikaaf are non-refundable. We attempt to organise these regular weekends to bring maximum benefit to the whole family for the lowest cost possible. Any cancellation means that we do not cover the costs and this jeopardises the future of this community initiative. We hope that you can sympathise with us in this and intending your fee as a optional charity (sadaqh nafilah) will mean that you will share in the reward of the classes and activities during the weekend.

        CLICK HERE: to view the Itinerary for the upcoming Itikaaf Fri 10th Nov. 2023

Inspirational Itikaaf Registration Form

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  • Please specify how many cars you plan to travel in. We recommend car sharing where possible - We can facilitate this in the week prior to travel (but can't guarantee it). We politely request for each family to limit themselves to 1 car if possible due to limited parking. We can't guarantee to provide parking for all vehicles, but will do our best! This will be clarified prior to the Itikaaf.
  • By submitting this form I am consenting to Darul Arqam Educational Trust securely storing the information provided for the purpose of the retreat and to use the information provided to contact myself or my emergency contact if necessary. Upon attending the retreat I consent to consequential photography during the event for the purpose of Dawah to facilitate calling others to take the same benefit. Please click the submit button below in order to complete your registration. A space will be provisionally reserved for you and a member of Darul Arqam's admin team will be in contact to confirm your booking at a later date.

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