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The Hidayah Hub

How it began...

Darul Arqam is a growing community. Therefore our current premises is filled to capacity with a long waiting list for our Madrassah. Demand for education and activities for the youth is increasing. Darul Arqam is therefore urgently appealing to secure a second location and to grow our capacity so that the wider community can benefit. This new space, only a stone’s throw from our current location on Thurmaston Lane in Leicester – Hidayah Hub contains a multi use hall at ground floor level which will be used for:

  • Stay and play sessions.
  • Madrassah Educational Classes – 150 new spaces!
  • Multi-use activity hall.
  • Sports activities.
  • Women’s self defence classes.
  • Martial arts.
  • Youth club.
  • Women’s dedicated space.
  • Available for events hire.
  • Weekend play scheme and summer camp.

Future generations will take benefit from this space for generations to come!

Help the Masjid of Allah and Darul Arqam Educational Trust - Allah will build for you a house in Paradise and you will receive continuous rewards after your death!

Update - March 2022

In late 2021 the community came together realising the need for a community space to serve young, old and everyone in between! We were able to secure the Hidayah Hub with donations from the community, Qardh loans and your duas! Alhamdulillah. The Hidayah Hub is now under renovation to serve as a community multi-use space. We need your help in order to make this building fit for the purpose of serving you – the community and to repay our loans.

Hidayah Hub Vision

Update - Ramadan 2022

In late 2021 the community came together and we secured the Hidayah Hub completing phase 1 of this project.

We have a Ramadan target to raise £147,000 – this is split between £80,000 qardh repayment and £67,000 refurbishment cost to renovate the building.

£198,500 Donated

£80,000 Qardh Remains

£37,000 Refurb Remains


Securing the building is only the beginning! We need to repay the sincere members of the community who came forward to loan us funds to secure the building.

Darul Arqam Madrassah

Donation Methods We Accept

Donate Online Hidayah Hub

Donate Online

Our registered partner charity Revive is accepting donations via their website in which the funds are donated directly to the Hidayah Hub. This is detailed under the page “Admin fee cover” however, when selecting the appeal there is the option for “Hidayah Hub”. 100% of donations made under “Hidayah Hub” are donated directly to the Hidayah Hub. CLICK HERE to donate now online.

Bank Transfer:

Use the following details to send your donation direct to our account. Thereafter, please email info@datrust.org with a screen shot of the transfer. We will issue a receipt either by email or you can collect a hard copy from the office during opening hours. Please allow 3 working days for us to process your donation. Account details:
Barclays Bank
Darul Arqam Educational Trust
Sort Code: 20 50 21
Account No: 60665908
Payment Ref: Hub

Bank Transfer Hidayah Hub
Pledge Hidayah Hub


If you can’t help us to reach our target of being debt-free immediately, you are welcome to pledge the amount you wish to give and donate this pledge at a later date! Please contact the office or you can make a pledge now via the CONTACT US page. Please leave your full name and mobile number so that we can contact you regarding fulfilment of the pledge at a later date.


You may not have the funds to donate to the project, however you do have the next 5 minutes! This is all it takes to set up a fundraising page to spread the word for us amongst your friends and family, what could be more valuable than that? For every pound which is donated, you will receive a similar reward!

Hidayah Hub Donate

Donate Cash

Cash is accepted in the office during opening hours or Salah times at Darul Arqam Trust, 16 Thurmaston Lane, Leicester, LE5 0TE.

Please remember to giftaid your donation if you are a UK tax payer! Hand over to a member of the admin team and we will provide you with a written receipt.

Share The Vision - Help us to reach the target of £160,000

Donate your Sadaqah & Zakat

Revive - The Humanitarian Aid Branch of Darul Arqam

Sustainable projects through networks of Scholars. Donate Sadaqah and Zakat to impoverished victims of war in the lands of Al-Shaam specialising in Syria, Yemen and our closest muslim European neighbours – Bosnia. 100% donation strategy.

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