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Hidayah Hub Phase 1!

Every week we are blessed to see the masjid full to capacity. Brothers praying outside in the car park on Jummah. Students filling Madrassah rooms to capacity… Whilst this is a blessing, there is also another side of seeing our Masjid full.

Every week we have to turn students away whose parents are calling hoping to find them a space in the Madrassah. Our need for Islamic Education in an age of darkness and widespread confusion is growing. So Darul Arqam has launched Phase 1 of…

The Hidayah Hub - For Generations to Come!

The Hidayah Hub will be a space comprising of Musallah, 150 new Madrassah spaces, youth & ladies activities safe space and more! Only a stones throw from Darul Arqam, we will be able to accommodate more brothers for Jummah and significantly reduce

that Madrassah waiting list! Phase 1 – to secure the building we are calling on our community to support this project and receive ongoing benefits of Sadaqah Jariyah. In order to find out more CLICK HERE for the full information and please share!

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