Darul Arqam Educational Trust

Friends of Darul Arqam

DA has been providing various activities for more than five years, including courses, social activities, advice and much more for brothers, sisters and children. We feel that this growth of DA activities has only become possible due to the support of our students and their sinceere prayers. This support has seen us grow from seven students to more than four hundred.

As a way of appreciation, we would like to offer students the opportunity to become “Friends of Darul Arqam”. As Friends of DA you would be a key supporter of our activities and partake of the reward in the dissemination of the faith. As an additional benefit, you would have the opportunity to join any of the DA classes which are run throughout the year (with the exception of childrens classes, Classical 1-Year Arabic, Advanced Arabic & Islamic Studies Certificate.) You can find all our courses on the DA website.

To become a Friend of Darul Arqam and gain all of this benefit and reward, all we ask is a monthly donation of £25 on an ongoing basis. Regular monthly donations are vital for Darul Arqam’s continued running and by donating in this way you can help us continue our beneficial activities, insha’Allah.

To become a Friend of Darul Arqam, please email info@datrust.org
For more details, or visit our online donations page – CLICK HERE
To set up a monthly direct debit – CLICK HERE