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Inner Healing: Deepen Spiritual Realities

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Are you striving for inner peace?

Modern culture lacking in true spirituality can feel empty and awaken that question inside ourselves, ‘what can I do to get closer to Allah?’ Living in the age of information at our fingertips and mass communication can sometimes mean that when beginning on a journey of inner healing, we are left with information overload.

Where do we begin?

To begin your journey of inner healing and deepen your spiritual realities, you need a guide to cut out all of the messages which are less relevant to where you are in your journey and help you to take the first real step! So we start at the very beginning…

The famous Gabriel Hadith narrated by our master Umar رضي الله عنه informs us that our religion consists of three branches –

  • Iman (belief)
  • Islam (bodily practice)
  • Ihsaan (spiritual excellence)

It is only when we strengthen our practice of Ihsaan will we feel the presence of Allah in our everyday life and instill inner peace.

Learn about how spiritual realities such as Taqwa (God consciousness), Tawbah (Remorse and forgiveness), humility and others will shape our lives and will determine our outlook on everyday interactions.

These realities will form how we behave in this world and how we decipher difficulties in our lives (what some modern authors have termed as ‘mindfulness’).

Practical advice on how to inculcate these states within our modern lifestyles paired with ancient Islamic advice centred around the soul will give you the tools to navigate modern life without straying from the path of Allah! Come and start upon the path of self-reformation and increase in proximity to Allah today. Click ‘Add to Cart’ to register today for your free taster session!

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