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Conversational Arabic: Level 2

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Entry Requirements: Completion of Level 1 Conversational Arabic
Price: £35

This unique programme continues from the previous Level 1 Conversational Arabic course, providing students with the opportunity to learn more detailed language skills. New scenarios will be explored, adding further layers of details and scenarios such as reading basic newspaper reports, radio news bulletins, countries, nationalities and capital cities. Political activities, eating out, planning future events. The course is for students who have successfully completed Level 1 or of a similar standard (please email info@localhost if you wish to sit a placement test).

Methods used in Level 2 are immersive to enable students to develop their Arabic speech in the shortest time possible. Time spent in the lessons will be devoted to stimulate conversation amongst all students present in Arabic. The course will also introduce students to new conversation scenarios making use of their present vocabulary to communicate in Arabic. Use will also be made of conversation pieces, stories and short paragraphs. The lessons are taught in English and delivered in a manner to make the language relevant to use abroad when visiting any Arabic speaking country. Audio visual materials are used throughout.


  • To develop a grounding in the fundamentals of the Arabic language
  • Be able to introduce yourself and hold a conversation
  • An understanding of Arabic in a variety of contexts
  • A knowledge of Arabic vocabulary and structures
  • Transferable language learning skills
  • The ability to communicate effectively in Arabic
  • Acquire core vocabulary
  • To lay a solid foundation for further advanced study of the language Late enrolments are acceptable, however don’t delay!

Level 1 Recordings will be provided free of charge for those who enrolled for Level 2.

Here is the PDF document that is to be used as a guide to all students.

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