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Breakout From Burden

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Price:  Your first session is free (Coming soon!) – thereafter a course fee of £38 is required for the full course
Location: Online on demand – Sessions will be sent to your email inbox used on your billing details.
Tutors: Shaykh Muhammed Zaqir and Shocket Desai

Breakout from Burden

Does your mood affect your relationships with others?

Become happier, healthier and beat stress in this stressful age!

Stress affects the body and mind giving rise to anxiety, depression, health problems and a weakened immune system. Effective stress management can do everything from improving your mental health, boosting your immune system and promoting longevity.

This unique programme is now available on demand to learn how to improve your mental health and effectively control stress by combining authentic Islamic practices with Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) – a current treatment of choice for a range of mental health difficulties.

This course provides you with:

  • Insight into stress and how it can affect your mood, anxiety and sleep.
  • Practical approaches to manage stress and promote mental wellbeing, drawing on the teaching of Prophet Mohammed ﷺ and combining with CBT strategies.
  • The tools to become spiritually uplifted – Strengthen your relationship witH Allah through Prophetic teachings.
  • The ability to recognise mental health difficulties and also learn practical techniques to nourish the soul and develop positive mental health.
  • Practical advice led by experienced therapists currently working in clinical practice.

How do I get my free session?

Coming soon! Email info@localhost with your name to pre-register your interest in the launch of this course. You will receive your free session to your email inbox once this course is launched. Thereafter to continue with the full course a payment of £24.95 is required. The following sessions will be sent to you weekly via your inbox.

For students who face financial difficulty in paying the fees please contact us. We will assess the circumstances on evidence provided based upon means-tested benefits.

Student Testimonials 2021:

”Alhumdulillah. I’m genuinely impressed by the amount of content you have for each session…We find it particularly useful when you add an Islamic view to the otherwise “normal” points. Islamic examples give context and are memorable too.”

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