Darul Arqam Educational Trust

Book a Nikaah

Nikah Ceremony Guidelines

If you would like to book your Nikah Cermony at Darul Arqam please send your request via email to – info@datrust.org

Important Notes:

  1. We require 4 weeks advance notice via email
  2. We will confirm the date and time by email only.
  3. We have an administration charge of £95.
  4. This charge is payable online via Paypal here: https://bit.ly/3gURiPe
  5. After payment is confirmed we will provide the Marriage Contract forms.
  6. The Marriage Contract form must returned at the latest one week before the date of Nikah.
  7. Women are allowed upstairs to watch on the screen, and must maintain the expected level of decorum for the masjid; dressed modestly, and hair covered.
  8. A deposit of £50 (non refundable) will also be required.

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