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Beginning of Guidance

Beginning of Guidance

The previous academic year came to a close with an evening for students, sharing their journey and accounts of self-transformation and guidance from the Foundational Diploma. As we have seen demand for this course increase, this year for the first time, Darul Arqam is offering the Foundational Diplima as stand-alone modules, giving prospective students the opportunity to join and seek vital spiritual guidance at multiple intervals throughout the year! The Foundational Diploma launches this evening with the new structure, beginning with the course “Resuscitate the Soul” focusing on practical transformations using the works of Imam al-Ghazali The Beginning of Guidance! It’s not too late to join, CLICK HERE to enrol for the first free session taking place this evening.

The work by Imam al-Ghazali was written at the end of his life, for both students of knowledge and scholars alike – no-one is beyond benefitting from studying this work. Graduates from this course often express how this course has opened a door for spirituality in their life and building on their relationship with Allah in a practical way.

We asked 2 students for their accounts of how studying this course has impacted their lives:

Are you inspired by the accounts of students who have sat this course? Join them on this journey and CLICK HERE to find out more!

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