Darul Arqam Educational Trust


After graduating from Manchester University with a BA (Hons) in Politics and Economics, Sheikh Muhammed Zaqir studied in Damascus, Syria for 8 years at the Prestigious Abu Noor Institute and studied several classical disciplines of Islamic knowledge at the hands of some of the most prominent holders of the tradition. He has also been blessed with the opportunity to spend time in the illuminated city of Tarim, Hadramaut; where he studied at the eminent Institute Dar ul Mustafa, under the qualified hands of some of the most illustrious guides of knowledge. Being classically trained in the sacred sciences he has attained formal ijazahs in various Islamic Disciplines, including the Shafi'i, Maliki, and Hanbalis schools of Law, although having attained iftaa in the Hanafi Madhab. Despite his extensive knowledge in all these areas, his specialism is in the sciences of Islamic Theology. Sheikh Zaqir is currently the founder and director of Darul Arqam Educational Trust, and also Project REVIVE which is the humantarian relief branch of Darul Arqam, moreover he is also the founder of many other grass root organisations and initiatives.


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