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We recommend for all Muslims to hold onto the rope of Allah through keeping a continuous connection to seeking knowledge. The idea method is to study directly with a course instructor. This is easier now more than ever thanks to online learning platforms. However, we understand that modern life is demanding leaving little time during the week to prioritise seeking knowledge. This is why we have developed a library of on-demand courses to fit in with you, whatever your schedule!

You can still seek guidance from course tutors during your study by using the Contact Us form on this website. On-demand courses can be studied individually, however we also offer a subscription for those who want to sincerely hold onto the rope of Allah long-term so that you may continue to study in your own time covering a vast area of topics! To find our more about the on-demand subscription please CLICK HERE otherwise scroll the courses below to study individual courses.

  • The Shimmering Lights

    Sisters Dhikr and Reminder

    Date: Sat 8th October


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  • Date: Saturday 26th November 2022

    Age: 16+  Women Event Only

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  • Enjoy tea over meaningful conversations in the like-minded company! For ladies over 55.
    Thursday 15th September 2022
    Free Event!!

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  • Are you new to Islam or interested in Islam?

    Date: Sat 14th May


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  • This Holistic Islamic Studies Diploma

    Date: 30th October 2022

    £25 per month

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  • Tahajjud Dhikr

    Sisters daily online Dhikr

    Date: Daily at Tahajjud


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  • Dhikr of the 7 Souls

    Spirituality in your weekend – Dhikr of the 7 Souls

    Date: Every Saurday Evening


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  • Thursday Dhikr - Shimmering Lights

    Praises of Allah & The Prophet – Shimmering Lights Dhikr

    Date: Every Thursday Evening


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  • Mikhaeel Mala Nasheed Class

    Reveal hidden talent within your child for praising Allah!

    Date: Beginning Sat 26th March


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  • Ghazalian Gems

    Navigating Faith in Our Times

    Date: 19th May


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  • Resuscitate The Soul
  • Mind Matters
  • Islamic Classical Arabic