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The Prophet of  Islam  said:

“If a man dies, his good deeds are discontinued, except for three: a continuous charity, knowledge from which people benefit, or a good offspring praying for him.”

The Journey Begins...

1998 Darul Arqam Educational Trust is Founded
Established to service the underserviced
Darul Arqam Founded

Darul Arqam is established as a registered charity to serve the general public. The intention is to empower the isolated and under-serviced in society, focusing on the local Muslim community. Founded in the heart of Leicester, although there is a strong-hold of mosques, few accommodate women's activities.

Education Established
These intitatives still run to date
Darul Arqam's Beginning

The first students enrol into Darul Arqam's activities in the heart of Leicester. events and talks that have been organised featuring local and  internationally acclaimed Scholars. Regular lessons taught at our premises by CRB qualified teachers on a daily basis, Children’s Muslim Scouts and Cubs clubs, as well as other activities such as Islamic Calligraphy classes, Islamic Sciences, Islamic Studies, Seerah and Tajweed classes. Most of these initiatives still run to-date.

Men, women and children benefit
Activities grow
Islamic Education for Children

Until this day activities for men, women and children continue to ensure no-one in the community is left behind and to make spirituality accessible for all people. As class sizes and activities continued to grow,so did the need for space to accomodate them!

A permanent home for Darul Arqam

In 2015 the Darul Arqam community supported the Trust to establish a permanent home for the growing Masdrassah, nursery, community activities and Mosque. This is to-date the central hub of Darul Arqam's in-person and online activities.

Online Students
datrust.org Online Courses
Total Transformation

As the size of in-person classes continued to grow, so does the need for our outreach to students. Darul Arqam launched online courses in order to accommodate a growing student base and serve students from local areas to international demographics and connecting them with international scholars.

2021 - Growing Outreach
Increasing community services
Hidayah Hub - Darul Arqam Trust

Government cuts in recent years have seen a lack of support in areas with deprived communities and a lack of activities for the youth and isolated members of society with growing mental health needs. As these needs grow, which reinforce the founding purpose of the Trust, we are establishing through our communities support, a multi-use community centre, only a stones through from our main hub.

Our ongoing vision...

Darul Arqam Educational Trust has been successful in providing a much-needed service in Leicester, enabling Muslims to have easy access to learn about their religion in a fruitful and interactive manner. By offering such avenues of education the Trust seeks to provide the Muslim community with social, cultural and educational activities to create a sense of identity, moral responsibility, self reliance, community spirit and to empower alienated groups to play a meaningful part in a multicultural society.

Darul Arqam Trust plans to disseminate some of its present and future projects through correspondence and e-learning platforms enabling a wider audience to benefit from the lights of the Divine Revelation and the Prophetic Guidance. In addition to serving the educational needs we plan to offer the wider community of Muslims in England guidance and direction as believers; as a minority in a secular context – hoping to fuse the best from the Islamic civilisation and the Western civilisation using an Islamic scholarly approach.

The Prophet ﷺ said: “Mankind has not spent in charity anything better than the spreading of knowledge.”

For ultimately, Allah (Glorious is He) has manifested us upon this earth for the betterment of the creation, in guiding mankind to His worship. The Prophet ﷺ has said: “All of you are from the slaves of Allah and the most beloved of you to Allah are the ones who are the most beneficial to His slaves.”

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