Start Date:
4. September 2016 to Continuous
Sunday 10:30am to 12:30pm
£ 30.00 per month
Darul Arqam, 16 Thurmaston Lane, Leicester LE5 0TE
Entry requirements:
Ustadhah Jamila El Taeib


This is a continuous course which runs every Sunday.  Two levels have been introduced  to cater for the various levels of the children.

Sunday: Beginners (10.30am to 11.30am) Intermediate (11.30am to 12.30pm)

The course will be open to children from the age of five  and no previous Islamic studies is assumed although being able to recite the Arabic alphabet will be a distinct advantage.


The course will attempt to expose children to modern standard Arabic using inter-active methods and multimedia.  The emphasis will be towards understanding the language and exposing the children to simple grammatical rules systematically and gradually enabling children to grasp the key grammatical structure of the language.  The syllabus that will be used is the ‘Iqra Arabic Reader’ by IQRA Foundation of USA.  It has been selected for it’s gradual approach and it’s novel method of imparting grammar to children.

In addition to grammar there will also be exposure to vocabulary of the language using the interactive Arabic tuition program developed by ‘Rosetta Stone’ incorporated.

A story will also be read, the majority of which will be Quranic stories, incidents from Hadith literature or our glorious Islamic history.  The teacher will attempt to stimulate participation by offering the students the opportunity to translate some  of the Arabic words encountered in the story.

Arabic puzzles in the way of jigsaws and letter quizzes  will also be on offer to allow children to continue within the Arabic milieu even during break times.  English will be spoken only when necessary.

Finally the last portion of the club will concern it self to a carton which contains Islamic content hoping to expose children to a simple story and enable vocabulary acquisition.

For children who have yet not mastered the Arabic alphabet we will attempt to set aside the time during which the cartoon is viewed for strengthening the alphabet.

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