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17. October 2017 to Continuous
Tuesday 7:00pm to 9:30pm
£ 250.00 per year
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Not Specified
Sheikh Muhammed Zaqir



The Islamic Studies Foundational course is a unique programme taught by various expert scholars that seeks to introduce and expose students to the fundamental beliefs, spiritual states  and practice of Islam. The course focuses on instilling change by providing learners with a sound grounding in the basic practices of Shari’ah enabling the students to implement the law of Allah. The lessons will be taught in English, utilising translated classical texts. 

The programme will take place over a period of an academic year consisting of 34 weeks, with study on a part-time basis; and will be delivered via traditional instruction including independent reading.


  • ·   Develop a deep and personal connection with Allah (most high).
  • ·   To develop a sound grounding in the fundamental aspects of Shari’ah.
  • ·   To implement the fundamental teachings of Islam in our daily worship and practice.
  • ·   Contextualize the practice of Islam enabling Muslims to practice Islam in contemporary society
  • ·   To aid Muslims in establishing a secure foundation for further study in the diploma of Islamic Studies

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