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31. March 2018 to 7. April 2018
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£ 595.00 per course
Istanbul, Turkey
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Wayfarers Week Retreat in Istanbul


Sat 31st March – Sat 7th April 2018


In the Name of Allah, The Gracious The Compassionate

Lo! Allah changeth not the condition of a folk until they (first) change that which is in their hearts; and if Allah willeth misfortune for a folk there is none that can repel it, nor have they a defender beside Him..’

(al-Raad: Verse 11)


Darul Arqam and Wayfarers Trust invite you for a week of remembrance and contemplation.  Aiming to recreate an atmosphere of brotherhood,  compassion and joy that emanates with true faith. 

We hope during week we can rejuvenate some of the meanings we have been studying within the various courses at Darul Arqam.  It is a joyful time, with attendance open to all, including families and we welcome children (for whom special activities have been arranged) since their presence is a means for the attraction of the angels of mercy. 

There are various activities, circles of sacred knowledge, circles of Qu’ran, remembrance, congregational prayers and sacred recreational activities (please see brochure – which will be sent upon registration) which will enlighten the soul and draw you in proximity to our Lord.

This is all going to take place in the blessed city of Istanbul.  


The next Wayfarers Week is planned during the Easter break;

From: Saturday 31st March – Saturday 7th April 2018


We  are also by Allah’s grace going to be joined by some of the most senior scholars of Syria and Yemen from the seminary of Dar al-Mustapha. 

We expect spaces to be limited and demand to be high so we request interested parties to register immediately. Your registration will only be secured upon full payment.


The total cost for the retreat will be:  


£595 for Adults & 12+,


£450 for 2-11 years old


£100 for under 2 years.


Prices are all inclusive including flights 


A brochure and handbook will be sent to you upon payment and registration


*** When registering, please email your back page/info page of your Passport



Application cut-off point : Wednesday 31st January 2018 - 9.00pm


This deadline maintains the prices above (on the poster). 


Any enrolments after this date may be subject to a price increase. 


We have purposefully kept the cost low so that maximum number of attendees can take benefit.


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