Start Date:
16. December 2017 to 16. December 2017
Saturday 10:30am to 1:00pm
£ 10.00 per course
Hamilton Library, 20 Maidenwell Ave, Leicester, LE5 1BL
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Learn to conquer procrastination and motivate your selves to achieve your goals. This will be an interactive workshop in which you will learn to transform your life through self introspection and setting your own achievable goals which you have been delaying for years.  Using a gradual step-by-step approach - and - breaking the larger goals in to smaller achievable goals; this will be your best preparation for the new year. This is a practical application of the the Words of Allah : "Allah will not change a condition of a people, until they change first that which is within them selves" (Surah al-Raad).


Delivered by a professional Life Coach - who has been in the marketing industry for more than a decade.

Don't miss this opportunity to be your own catalyst for your own change.


Open to brothers & sisters (and teenagers 12+)


£10 per attendee


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