Start Date:
8. August 2015 to Continuous
Saturday 6:00pm to 8:00pm
Darul Arqam, 16 Thurmaston Lane, Leicester LE5 0TE
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New monthly Seerah Programme

In Arabia during the 6th century a momentous moment occurred. Allah in his divine providence for creation sent a person who would change , forever, the world. That person was Mohammed (upon whom be peace). He transformed Arabia and the Arabs from a backward illiterate people to an advanced spiritual and intellectual civilisation. In a period less than a century the Islamic state imbued with the teachings of the Prophet Mohammed stretched up to Spain in the west and to China in the East. The ‘conquering’ of these lands however was not a conquest of subjugation rather a conquest of the hearts with the teachings of Mohammed (upon whom be peace) which remain to this day even if the political influence of the of the Islamic state has waned. Learn in detail about the history of the Prophet and his times.


This will take place once a month on Saturday or Sunday (depending on the programme).
The programe will be open to brothers, sisters, families and children (segregated).


For adults and children aged 8+

There will be no creche for the next session but children are welcome to sit with their parents


Please text on 0752 8084 809 for confirmation

Donations welcome to cover the cost of catering


The next session will take place on Saturday 28th October 2017 -  After Maghrib (5.42pm)


Topic: Treaty of Hudaybiyyah
Taught by: Shaykh Amin Buxton



Month Date Day
Teacher Topic
Aug 01/08/15 SAT Sh Saad al-Attas  Nasab
Sep 06/09/15 SUN Sh Bilal Brown  Wiladah
Oct 03/10/15 SAT Sh Tanwir Hussain  
Nov 22/11/15 SUN Sh Aamir Jameel  from birth to Revelation & Open Calling
Jan 30/01/16 SAT Sh Saad al-Attas  Year of Sorrow and Hijrah
Feb 27/02/16 SAT Sh Muhammad al-Sindhi  New Median Society


06/03/16 SUN Sh Faiz Qurashi

 Batlle of Badar


30/04/16 SAT Mufti Muhammad ibn Adam al-Kawthari

 Batlle of Uhad

Nov 26/11/16 SAT Sh Zubair Kola  Batlle of Bir Mauuna, Raji, Raqq'a
Dec 29/12/16 THU Sh Thaqib Mahmood (Oxford)  Battle of Mustalq & Hadatah Ifq (Slander of Sayidtuna Aisha RA)
Jan 28/01/16 SAT Sh Muhammad Idris Watts  Battle of Khandaq
Aug 19/08/17 SAT Sh Uzair Makadam  Expedition of Banu Qurayzah
Oct 28/10/17 SAT Sh Amin Buxton  Treaty of Hudaybiyyah

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