Youth Summer School 2017

The next Seerah class will resume on:

Sat 19th Aug 2017 - 7.30pm (after Asr)

Topic: Expedition of Banu Qurayzah
Taught by: Shaykh Uzair Makadam

This is a monthly programme to be enjoyed by the whole  family on a monthly basis. The last program was delivered by Shaykh Muhammad Idris Watts on the Battle of Khandaq which was well received. The full course will be uploaded to YouTube soon.

We will also be having an Arts & Crafts session for the kids so bring your whole family along!

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The Praises on the Prophet Majlis  every Thursday at 8pm.  Open to both brothers and sisters with segregated facilities. Please try and attend weekly at Darul Arqam and provide nourishment for your soul.